A photographic essay about the shapes our bodies can create.

The most important shapes in my life are the shapes of people; they are unique and infinite, never repeating. We deserve to be seen in our full unfurling, not to be shrunk or diminished. The body — much studied, codified, and resigned — is made of so many shapes and capable of forming so many more.

Full and avant garde expression of the physical self in art and media is reserved for a certain kind of body. It is a radical act to suggest that bigger and varied bodies can also inhabit these spaces. Here, the subject is asked to be fully and honestly themselves, while at the same time coaxed into unfamiliar forms and shapes.

They are asked to inhabit as much space as possible, no matter how out of character that may be. The power of taking up space with your body is real and lasting. Once you have extended your legs and spread your arms to their fullest span, you feel an enormous fortitude that lasts for hours, months, a lifetime.

When you photograph people there’s this split second chance to catch an image of more than their body. Whatever it might be — their essence, being, essential nature — it’s important to show, document, and represent, saving that second, that flash of an individual.

June 21, 2017

words & photos: Yuli Scheidt

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